Fantasy has to do with processing different thoughts in your mind. All these thoughts are most times played out based on your resolve.

Fantasizing becomes an unhealthy pattern when these thoughts occur in your head staying for a long period without turning into something beneficial.

This can make someone lose it fully, and turn to other faster and hazardous methods.

In cases when the person has fantasies to be like a specific celebrity, it could get so bad the person could go to unthinkable lengths to make sure that they are seen in the same light.

Furthermore, another detrimental fantasizing thought pattern is interchanging relationships and friendships which are made in reality with creativities.

There is one mistake which people make in this case; they invest hours fantasizing about the ideal set of friends who they can always spend ample time with and who they can trust fully.

In actuality, friends like this do not exist. No one is fully perfect, as everyone has shortcomings which are meant to show themselves at any period in time.

The best thing which can occur at this point, is to make attempts to meet people. You can start by asking for their names, knowing where they live, their hobbies and the likes.

Hence, it is necessary that even though fantasies are lovely, we should exercise care in ensuring that they do not take control over reality.

Unhealthy thought patterns are what cause addictions, and they cause diverse occurrences which leads to death in the long run.

A good number of factors help in fantasizing including the social media, books, movies amongst others. Fantasy should be avoided when they begin to interchange the importance of reality in our lives.

Fantasy becomes unhealthy when it damages you both physically and psychologically. You would begin to think of some patterns which are detrimental to your health in the long run.

You could see yourself as someone who would not be successful, and you might do something crazy.

Another negative effect which comes with fantasizing is, it causes depression, and with time, they become addicted to alcohol or drugs which makes them feel healthier. If the person does not exercise care, the individual could be moved to commit suicide.

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