An Exposition Into The Concept Of Fantasy And Reality

Expressing the difference between fantasy and reality might be a little difficult due to the complexity of both activities. At times, people become lost in an illusion due to somethings that they might be thinking of, either they have already happened, are currently happening, are expected to happen in the future, or are expected to have happened.

An illusion is similar to fantasy. However, it is slightly different from a fantasy, it is a mere false impression or an idea that appears to seem as a current happening or better put a reality, while a fantasy is an idea that is very much applicable in the real word but is limited to imagination. A fantasy basically is a baseless idea that is being imagined and believed by an individual to be a reality, letting aside all other possible assumptions.

Reality on the other hand, is the current or past state of things as they happen or as they exist. It does not have anything to do with the future or anything that is to happen in the future time. It is characterized by activities that are currently happening and activities that already existed in the past. It is not a belief nor an assumption, it is the actual materialization of things as they happen.

How Fantasy Differs From Reality

People often find it difficult to strike a balance between fantasy and reality. The moment a person starts fantasizing about something, there is a high tendency that a belief is being created already, such belief is what makes the person mistake fantasy with what is happening in the real world (reality). From study and research, such fantasies are propelled by past undesired happening or unexpected happenings, which are now patterned into an imagination of what the person expects to see in the future, and that is when the person starts having problems with balancing fantasy with reality.

Balancing Fantasy With Reality

In order to get out of such imagination, one needs to learn from the past experience and start placing more focus on what is actually happening, instead of ruminating and reflecting on those past experiences without a way forward. It might actually seem to be hard, trying to get over such a complex combination of mind thoughts, but doing that is actually for the best. It could happen in the case of human relationship, where close friends and partners tend to stop being in talking terms with each other due to some shortfalls. It is really important that such persons quickly wake up from the fantasy, and face the reality to utilize time.

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