Signs that your fantasy has become a mental health problem

Many experts have opined that it is normal to fantasize. And sometimes, it is regarded as a healthy activity that is part of our experience. However, there are some people that get lost in their fantasies that they find it hard to connect with reality.

When people fantasize to the point where it becomes a mental health problem, it becomes maladaptive daydreaming. This is when their fantasy replaces the human interaction that is connected to their relationships, work, and other activities.

Those who experience this mental health problem create some imaginary and likable character that fits what they want. If you want to know whether your fantasy is now a mental health problem or not, here are some of the signs.

Less focus on reality

One of the ways to know that your fantasy is now a mental health problem is when you pay less attention to reality. You will be more focused on daydreaming, hallucinations, and overactive imagination.

Also, you will try to avoid anything that may disconnect you from those moments when you are fantasizing. This means that you will prefer to stay in isolation instead of being around people.

Communication becomes more difficult

When fantasy becomes a mental health problem, you will notice that it gets more difficult to communicate with people. You are more focused on what is going on in your mind instead of what is happening around you.

Reduced productivity

If you notice that your productivity or performance in other aspects of your life isn’t as it should be, it might mean that your fantasy has progressed into a mental health problem.

You may notice that work does not look exciting to you as before, or you are not meeting up with the expectations of school work.

When you notice that you fantasize regularly, and it seems to cut you off from reality, you can seek help from a mental health counselor

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